Monday, January 14, 2013

Gemini Circus, Chennai - Not worth it !

"Let us go to Gemini Circus, today". When I said this, my daughter got very excited. I took my family to Gemini Circus in Chennai, today. We were hoping to have a stellar experience. However, I was totally disappointed by the end of the show. In fact, after an hour into the show, my daughter asked "Dad ! When are we going back home?".

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Here is the list of things that I liked about Gemini Circus:

  • The tickets for the show was available at various price ranges - Rs.50, Rs.100, Rs.150, and Rs.250 (affordable for everyone).
  • Uniformed men were selling snacks throughout the show - popcorn, biscuits, chocolates, cool drinks, cotton candy etc., 
  • The gymnastic performance was very good. I was quite impressed by circus crew's potential.
  • Time management was perfect - the show began and ended on time (kudos to the folks who did the back stage management)
  • The background music was great
  • Car parking rate was just Rs.40

Here is the list of things that I hated about Gemini Circus:

  • The floor was uneven and filled with rubble and debris
  • They had plastic chairs for everyone, which were put on top of the rubbles (Imagine, how stable the chair would be)
  • There was no proper ventilation. There were a few pedestal fans. However, it was not adequate for 2000+ people
  • Nothing has changed in the last 20+ years. In fact, it has gone for the worse. I remember the days when we used to have wooden railings for people to sit. It was very convenient. I hated those plastic chairs.
  • There was no proper parking space - we have to park the cars over the debris
  • Crowd management was poor - after the show, it took about an hour for us to come out of the venue
  • No lion/tigers/elephants/monkeys were involved during the show (Though I was happy that animals were not disturbed, my daughter was very disappointed :))
  • No online booking (you've to stand in the line to get tickets). They do have a website.
  • No proper signage near the venue. We had to stop in between several times to find the place.

"Will I go to Gemini Circus again in Chennai"? The answer is a STRONG NO. I would rather watch recorded circus programs in my TV.


  1. Surprised to hear that Gemini Circus still exists. May be they are catering mostly to the crowd that doesn't come in a car and is in no hurry to go home after the show ?

    Despite your experience, your daughter should be able to tell her friends what really a circus show is.

  2. Yes, I agree. My daughter now knows what a circus show is :)


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