Sunday, February 7, 2010

How to search and find R2I jobs?

Are you planning to R2I and looking for a job in India? Have you tried posting your resume to all the job boards and haven't gotten a response, yet? Are you worried that you may have to return to India without a job?

R2I job searches typically take a longer time and hence it is recommended to start your job search at least 3 months before your R2I.
Here are some tips for you to do your R2I job hunt.

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  • If your employer has an offshore division, check with your employer if they can do an internal transfer. Internal transfers typically get you an attractive pay package.
  • Post your resume in Job boards such as Monsters/Hotjobs/Dice. Normally, R2I jobs are not 'advertised'. So, if you are looking for R2I jobs in job boards, you wouldn't be finding them. But, it is highly recommended to post your resume in all the job boards - just in case, if someone is looking for an R2I person in the job boards.
  • Talk to your friends whose employer has an 'offshore' division. Several IT companies such as Cisco, Juniper, Microsoft, eBay and Alcatel have offshore divisions. Your friends may be able to help you identify units in India that are aggressively hiring. If somebody is trying to 'aggressively' fill positions in India, they'll definitely be willing to hire you from US. (Also read: R2I - List of MNCs in Chennai)
  • Talk to your friends who work for Indian firms (such as HCL, Wipro, and Infosys). There are some Indian firms that look for 'technology experts' with good US experience - mostly when they are trying to form/build a new team for a US client. Such companies will be more willing to hire a person from US, directly.
  • Look for startups in US that have an Indian arm. Start-ups typically go out of the way to hire/retain talent. So, if there is a relevance/match of your skills with what they expect, you'll be hired. 
  • Circulate your resume to all your friends & acquaintances (i.e., alumni and buddy mailing lists).
  • Drop a note in R2IClubForums and find out if any company has open R2I jobs.
  • Make use of the social network. Update your Facebook/LinkedIn/Orkut/Twitter/Skype status and let your contacts know that you are planning to R2I and you are looking for a job. Someone may pop-up and say, "Hey! We are looking for an R2I person. Will you be interested?".
    At the end, do not leave any door unopened. Remember, "If you don't ask, the answer is always NO".

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    1. your words of wisdom are awesome! very nicely written. I especially liked this sentence "If you don't ask, the answer is always NO".

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