R2I Planning

R2I Reasons

100 reasons to Return to India (R2I) 
10 reasons to return back to India 


Should I participate in 401k? The answer is YES ! 
R2I - 401(k) closure FAQs
R2I - What to do with the 401(k) account? 

Social Security

R2I - How can I get my Social Security benefits/money
How to apply for credit freeze during R2I?

R2I Jobs

R2I Job Search - FAQ
How to search for R2I jobs?
Work environment in India - Then & Now
R2I - List of MNCs in Chennai

R2I Salaries

10 tips for R2I salary negotiation
Cost to Company (CTC) - Peeling the Onion 

R2I Schools

R2I school admissions - FAQ
List of CBSE schools in Chennai  
Getting KG admission for a kid in school - the math behind it 
Questions asked during KG interview in Schools

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