Monday, December 24, 2007

Sacramento Trip on Thanksgiving Weekend

25 November 2007

Are you in the bay area? Got a day to kill? Wondering what to do?

How about a trip to Sacramento? Your kids will love it too.

My friend and I decided to go to Sacramento during the Thanksgiving weekend. We rented a mini-van and started with our families at about 7 am. We reached Sacramento in 2 hours.

Our sight seeing trip started with the State Capitol building. The photos on the sidewalls capture the specialties of each county in California. The building had a few rooms with old office accessories like typewriters available for display. Someone from Arnold's office stopped by and gave us his business card. We took a few pictures in front of Arnold's office, of course, not with Arnold :(

There is a lot of memorials in the State Capital building campus including the Vietnam War Memorial and the Fire Fighters Memorial. There is also a colorful garden in front of the Vietnam War Memorial. You can spend about 2 hours in the State Capitol Building campus.

We then went to the California Rail Road museum. It is a good place for kids to spend time. There are a number of antique rail engines. They had miniature displays of passenger and goods engines running on the tracks. There is also a play area in the 2nd floor which my kid liked. There were a few wooden toy engines and tracks for kids to assemble and play.

We then went to the water intake facility in Jibboom park. It is located in a very calm location. You can see boats and cruise ships passing through the Sacramento River. There is also an unmanned bridge that opens and closes when cruise ships pass by. It was interesting to watch that. There is also a walking/biking trail close by.

Our next destination was Towe Auto museum. We went there with great hopes but were disappointed. The museum was located in a ware house. They had a nice collection of antique cars. This place may excite people who have interests in learning about antique cars. We spent about one hour there. We then left to Folsom lake.

We didn't know that Folsom lake will be empty during winter :) There was hardly any water left inside the lake. We took a few pictures of the evening sun set from the lake. From there, we headed back home.

Sacramento trip was enjoyable and was not very tiring. If you are going to Sacramento in summer, you can do a lot of water sports also.

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