Saturday, November 3, 2012

15 things that I liked about Vandalur Zoo

I had taken my family to Vandalur zoo last week. Vandalur Zoo is one of the BEST and well maintained zoological parks that I've seen in the WORLD. Government has done a fantastic job of keeping the place clean.

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My previous Visit to Vandalur Zoo was exactly 3 years ago. There were lots of construction activities going on at that time. Now, all those activities are complete. I had several interesting experiences and observations during my recent visit and I thought I would share it with others.

15 things that I liked about Vandalur Zoo are:

  1. Covered structures all over the park, for people to sit 'n relax 
  2. Good drinking water (water taps at several locations in the park)
  3. Restroom facilities that are maintained reasonably well
  4. Safe 'n Secure Lion safari that takes you pretty close to the king of the jungle
  5. Battery cars that help you to take a tour of the 3Km stretch without straining your knees
  6. Bikes (Cycles) for rental 
  7. Clear sign-boards and directions/maps
  8. Restaurants operated by Tamilnadu Tourism department (one near the entrance and the other in the middle of the zoo)
  9. Use of plastics is strictly prohibited (visitors are scanned before letting inside the park)
  10. Kids play area with a number of play structures
  11. Good collection of wild animals (including Lion, Tiger, Giraffe, Zebra, Elephants, Chimpanzee and Deer)
  12. Very spacious and you can have a good family/personal time, despite the thronging crowd
  13. Neatly laid walkways for pedestrians
  14. Well maintained / well preserved greenery
  15. Very affordable costs (Adults: Rs.30 entrance fee, Rs.30 for Lion Safari (optional) and Rs.30 for Battery Car (optional) / Kids: Rs.10 each)
(Also read: Vandalur Zoo - Infrastructure is world class but people's behavior is still local class)

If you are in/around Chennai, I would definitely recommend you to visit Vandalur Zoo. I'm quite sure, you'll like it.


  1. Thanks for your grateful informations, am working in Tourism Website ,
    so it will be a better information’s for me. Try to post best informations like this always

  2. Nice article about zoo. After reading ur article I have decide to go zoo at this weekend. Thanks for sharing information about what u have liked in the zoo. Plan How To Reach the zoo for ur point.


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