Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Drive through @ McDonalds Velachery - Your burger served in less than 5 minutes

23rd September (Sunday) - I was driving with my friend to Velachery. We were running late for a meeting. We decided to have a quick snack/meal somewhere on the way. We were in the Velachery area, and we saw McDonalds near Velachery MRTS. We decided to stop there and grab a burger to eat on the way. I hardly found any parking lot in front of McDonalds and decided to go to a different restaurant. When we were about to leave the place, we were pleasantly surprised when we saw the "Drive through" sign board.

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For a moment, I couldn't believe what I saw. This is the first time, I'm seeing a drive through restaurant in Chennai (for that  matter, in India). I decided to check whether it is really true. I drove my car through the "drive through" zone. We saw a menu board outside. We choose to have McVeggie Meal. We placed the order and paid at the first window. We drove to the 2nd window to pick up the order. I thought it is going to be a long wait for them to process the order. In fact, I had my own doubts on whether they know that there is a guy with the car waiting for his order to be served. To my surprise, our order was served in less than 3 minutes.

"Wow!" ... This is the feeling that I got when I used the "drive through" system in India for the first time at McDonalds in Velachery. It saved a lot of time for us and the experience was also very pleasant.

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I wish we soon get the "drive through" system in our Saravana Bhavans also :)


  1. Wonderful post Saro.. During my stay in Anna Nagar in mid-2010, the Mac Donalds there had a "1 min delivery or get a free Coke" condition. I was lucky to have got free drinks twice when they took 1.5 minutes to deliver :-)

  2. Saro.. Great post.

    Happy to share that i was with Saro during this occasion


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