Sunday, January 23, 2011

Adarsh Palm Meadows, in Bangalore - A perfect residential community for R2I folks

Have you been missing your residential community in US - the green parks, the neat walk ways, and the luxurious house? If you are planning to settle in Bangalore, you don't have to miss any of those... especially, if you are going to live in Adarsh Palm Meadows in Whitefield. I had a chance to visit the community and I was quite amazed by its infrastructure. It is simply spectacular. If I have to summarize what I saw in Adarsh Palm Meadows, in just one word - It was "Luxurious".

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Adarsh Palm Meadows is located in the Whitefield area near Varthur lake (roughly 1 hour drive from Hosur). The community has nearly 600 villas and each one of them seemed to be different (at least, the exteriors). The community has villas of varying sizes. The villas resemble the ones that you typically see in Palo Alto area in California. All the villas are duplexes, with neat gardens and sufficient  parking space. Small things make perfection, but perfection isn't a small thing - the architects have paid great attention to the details. The interiors had finesse and I saw perfection everywhere.

The club house in Adarsh Palm Meadows is worth special mention. It looked like a 5 star hotel - with neatly maintained swimming pools (indoor & outdoor), play structures for kids (indoor & outdoor), decent library, tennis court, a restaurant, fitness center/gym, etc., They have a mini Hindu temple inside the community. The community also has a good grocery store. There is 24 x 7 water supply, and electricity (with generator backup). There conduct all sorts of classes such as yoga, music, swimming and dance. You get all the things that you would typically expect in a Tier 1 residential community. You can do your weekly shopping in Varthur Farmer's market - where you can get fresh vegetables/fruits. (Also read: Why am I a Vegan?)

The whole community looks as if it is painted in green.  It is hard for you to see an area without trees or plants. The roads are well laid and there is walkways everywhere. You can see people  doing their morning walks and jogging, very early in the morning.

Technically, you don't have to step out of the community for anything (except to work). Yes ! They don't have offices inside the community ! :)). The community has people from all over the world - mostly expats and wealthy folks. You'll feel as if you're living in the bay area, in US. You see many Americans, Europeans, and folks from other Asian countries.

The community also has exceptional security. Visitors (including housemaids) should always go through a stringent security checks. You can see security personnel not just near the gates - but in many locations.

All of this luxury comes at a cost. I heard that each villa costs around Rs. 4 crores (& they were sold at Rs. 45 lakhs, nearly 6 years ago). If you are planning to settle in Bangalore after your Return to India (R2I), you should definitely consider Adarsh Palm Meadows.  (Also read: Money needed to R2I)

There are so many luxury residential communities listed online. For real estate, rental and property deals, you can look at websites like MyDeals India. You can also search for real estate deals online from the popular real estate websites.

I haven't visited many residential communities in Chennai. Hopefully, there are equally good communities in Chennai too. I'm very curious to find that out :)


  1. Wow - 4 crores ugh? - Wonder who has got that much money. No honest hard-working man can make that much money

  2. "Wow - 4 crores ugh?"
    This is common comment I hear nowadays from people who lived in US for long time. But people back home seem to take this lightly.. Not sure when this change happened.

  3. I have worked in the US for nearly 15 years now. Worked in a job that is. I don't have 4 crore rupees just for buying a house. My total worth is maybe 3 crores. Does that mean if I return to India all I can get my family is a congested apartment?

  4. Adarsh Palm Meadows (and such communities) are exceptions. Don't worry, you can buy a great apartment with just 1 crore or less. It is totally dependent on the locality.

  5. Can you please list a few places where I may find some great apartments at any decent localities for less than 1 crore?

  6. Vivek, if you paid any attention to the article, then you would have realized that anybody investing about 7 or 8 lakhs in 2004 - 2005 as down payment and paying regular EMI for 6 years would be worth 4 crores now. Could have been a 45 lakh (plus registration & stamp duty) one time investment too! All perfectly legal without much 'hard work' too! My regret is that I bought only one, not two units!

  7. Sorry! I don't have a list of places where you can get properties that are less than a crore.

  8. Thanks Saro! I am looking for a big 2 bedroom or an average 3 bedroom flat in a good residential location, but can't find anything below 1 crore. Looks like the property prices in Bangalore have gone up again in the last few months.

  9. Are you in Bangalore right now? Please send an email to me and I can refer you to some friends in Bangalore. My gmail id is svelrajan

  10. Why go for flats worth Rs 1 Crore, when you can actually find villas in half rate..Homeland Builders and Developers and many other out there do have some exciting projects like these. Actually, people normally give up after doing of their research and end up investing in something, which was not as good as some other that they missed during their research.


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