Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rameswaram / Danushkodi Trip Planning Tips

I learned quite a few things during my recent trip to Rameswaram & Danushkodi. Here are some tips/data points that will help you to plan your Rameswaram/Danushkodi Trip:
  • Take a train to Rameswaram that reaches after sun rise. You can see the beautiful & majestic Pamban Bridge. Also, you can admire the water on both the sides of railway track, when the train cruises through the sea.
  • Auto rickshaws charge Rs.40 to take you from Rameswaram railway station to the temple
  • There are pay & use toilets/bathrooms near temple (suitable for bachelors, who don't need an accommodation)
  • TTDC rooms are available in Rameswaram and can be booked online
  • There are lots of hotel rooms/accommodation available near the temple at various price ranges
  • Temple opens very early in the morning (at 5 am). So, the hotels/commercial establishments near temple are open very early, too
  • If you are interested to take bath in the '22 theerthams' inside the temple - there are people who charge you Rs.75 (including the Rs.25 fare) and provide express service. Also, they pour one bucket full of water on you instead of just 'showers'.
  • Do not take any cameras when going to take bath in the '22 theerthams'. If you are taking cash/valet, do take a high-quality polythene cover with you
  • There are adequate bus services from bus stand to the temple (once, every 10 minutes or so)
  • There are number of buses that operate between Rameswaram & Madurai
  • There are regular bus services between Rameswaram & Danushkodi (once every 30 minutes or so). You can board these buses in front of the temple, near the post office.
  • There are NO good restaurants near the temple. Hotel Vasantha Bhavan (located outside the temple) is OK for a quick meal. But hygiene in that restaurant is questionable. Hotel Aryas restaurant (in the Goswami Madam complex) looks decent. But, you need to walk quite a bit to get there. 
  • Usage of plastic bags & plastic cups is banned in all commercial establishments in Rameswaram
  • There is a fee of Rs.25 for taking camera inside the temple (to take pictures in 'moondram pragaram')
  • Tour operators within the city charge Rs. 250 for auto rickshaws, Rs.750 for Maruti Omni or similar vans, & Rs.1000 for Mahindra Tourister like vans. They'll take you to the "popular places to see in Rameswaram" such as Ramar Theertham, Setha Theertham, Lakshman Theertham, Ramar Patham, House of Kalam (view from the street), Kothandaramar temple. They'll also show you the floating rock. If you want to include Pamban Bridge and other locations, you may be charged extra. I heard that Vivekanandar Mandapam in Rameswaram is good. Danushkodi trip is not covered by this.
  • There are jeeps that take people from Rameswaram to Danushkodi (all the way to the end). They charge Rs.900 per jeep, which can take about 7 people. Alternatively, you can take a bus from Rameswaram to Danushkodi checkpost (Rs.5 bus fare per person). You can rent a tempo van for Rs.1200 (for a group of nearly 15 or 20). If you are a smaller group, you can pay Rs.60 per person to share the ride on the tempo van.
  • There are small mom & pop kind shops/restaurant near Danushkodi checkpost/beach. There are small shops towards the end of Danushkodi selling cool drinks & snacks. Fishermen are still living in huts on the old/destroyed Danushkodi.
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  1. Thanks for sharing. Please post on a regular basis with pictures. I am an aspiring R2I and blogs are the only way to get a taste of India!!!

  2. Superb!! We are planning for a trip to Rameshwaram & Danushkodi this summer.. We are also planning to go to Kanyakumari after finishing these two. We are planning to visit the temple the previous day evening. How early the jeep services are available in the morning to go to Danushkodi. (We would be having our own van from our hometown) and what is the travel to Danushkodi. Will we be able to reach Kanyakumari before sunset!! If you know the answers please share.. Very good post

  3. The jeep services are available after sunrise ... Jeeps should be engaged in Rameshwaram itself. AFAIK, there are NO jeeps that leave from Danushkodi checkpost.

    If you are planning to take the van services in Danushkodi checkpost, you have to go by a local government bus from Rameshwaram to Danushkodi checkpost. Van services at Danushkodi checkpost start after sunrise and they wait for at least 30 people to come, before starting the van. The van takes you all the way to the tip of India through the ruined parts of Danushkodi.

  4. Thank you so much.. we will plan accordingly


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