Sunday, February 14, 2010

R2I Planning Guide

This post consolidates rich information on various R2I topics such as R2I checklist, R2I reasons, 401K, Social Security, R2I Jobs/salaries, R2I schools and settling costs in India.

The objective of this post is to make it easier for you to find specific information on different R2I topics. Eventually, this post will evolve to become an "All you have to know about R2I" guide.

R2I checklist

R2I - 25 things to do / checklist
R2I Address Change - Checklist


Should I participate in 401k? The answer is YES !
R2I - 401(k) closure FAQs
R2I - What to do with the 401(k) account?

Social Security

R2I - How can I get my Social Security benefits/money
How to apply for credit freeze during R2I?

R2I Reasons

100 reasons to Return to India (R2I)
10 reasons to return back to India

R2I Jobs

R2I Job Search - FAQ

How to search for R2I jobs?
Work environment in India - Then & Now
R2I - List of MNCs in Chennai

R2I Schools

R2I school admissions - FAQ
List of CBSE schools in Chennai 
Getting KG admission for a kid in school - the math behind it 
Questions asked during KG interview in Schools

R2I Salaries
10 tips for R2I salary negotiation
Cost to Company (CTC) - Peeling the Onion

R2I Legal Stuff

Green Card vs US Citizenship

R2I Essentials (including cost of living, things to buy, etc.,)

10 things to know if you are thinking of Returning
How much money do you need to R2I?
US to India Money Transfer Strategies

R2I - List of things to pack/bring from US

IP Phone - Magic Jack vs Vonage vs Skype
Goods in US market - lots of options & cheaper prices
Nilkamal's @home - Not designed for me

Post R2I

Things to take care of, after your R2I
Extending stay of PIO card holder


  1. Such a useful and comprehensive website for prospective R2Iers. Thanks a ton, a lot of people go back, but dont have the time or inclination to share their knowledge on the topic. I liked your blog a lot.


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