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R2I Job Search - FAQ

One of the big-ticket items in R2I checklist is finding a job in India. Getting a job before your R2I is extremely important, especially when you don't have the luxury to take a short break or if you are the bread winner of the family.

This blog post is aimed at addressing the questions that you may have in finding your R2I job. I've developed it in FAQ format for easier reading (& for easier writing too ;-))

Is it really possible for me to find a job in India, when staying in US?


How many days before the R2I, should I look for a job in India?

You should start the R2I job search process at least 3 months before your R2I. A rough timeline is given below:

    - Preparing/polishing resume (1 week)
    - Shortlisting the companies and identifying the right contacts to circulate the resume (1 week)
    - Circulating the resume & the resume reaching hiring managers (1 or 2 weeks)
    - Scheduling/Conducting job interviews (2 - 3 weeks)
    - Announcing results and salary negotiation (1 week)

How do I start to look for a job in India, from US?

Read  How to search for R2I jobs?

Should I have to go to India for the interviews?

Most likely, NO (especially, if you are going through known contacts). 

However, if you happen to be in India (on a business/personal trip), a few months before your planned R2I - see if you can attend some interviews. It will make the whole process simpler and easier.

If the company you are interviewing for has a US division (or if it is headquartered in US), you'll be asked to fly/meet the people in US. Indian service companies do have lots of onsite co-ordinators in US. You can meet them, if you happen to be interviewing at Indian service companies. (Note: These things will happen in addition to the phone interviews you may have with folks in India)

Will people recruit me just by doing phone interviews?

Yes (especially, if you are going through known contacts). People give some credibility to your US work experience. For example, if you are with Cisco Systems for 4 years or so, people understand that Cisco might have done the due deligence before selecting you for the job. If the Indian firm is hiring for the same/similar work, they'll trust your skillls. Also, the person who referred you to the company/job (i.e., your reference) will have some weightage. 

What are some tips for resume preparation for R2I jobs?

When writing a resume, you need to take several things into consideration including whether you are sending your resume to the folks in US or to the folks in India. The type/format of the resume greatly varies based on your seniority, work experience, and the job/position to which you are applying for. You may even end-up having resumes in 2 or 3 different formats, for the different roles that you are applying for. In India, your technical knowledge/exposure goes a very long way. Most of the folks in India who are above 4 or 5 years of experience, jump into management roles. Hence, it is very hard to find technology experts. Having been in US for quite sometime, you'll definitely have a lead over such folks. Your resume should highlight your technology exposure AND leadership skills (even though you are looking for just managerial jobs in India).

How do I find the right contact/reference for R2I jobs?

LinkedIn will help you to find the right contact in companies for which you want to apply. You may not be directly connected to someone within the company. Get your direct contact to refer you to your higher level contacts until you reach the person who works for "that" company. (Also read: How to search for R2I jobs)

(I'll continue to update this list - as and when I get new questions)

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