Thursday, October 1, 2009

Unnai Pol Oruvan - Short 'n sweet

I happened to watch this movie during my trip to Tuticorin. I watched this movie in Raja Complex theatre. They were selling Rs. 12.50 tickets for Rs. 70 at the ticket counter itself. The theatre was also in a pathetic condition. Fortunately, I had gotten tickets for the 'box' which had A/C. I don't know if the movie is really worth the Rs. 70 that I spent. But, the movie is good.

I think they would've shot the whole movie in just a week's time. There are hardly 20 or 25 different locations in the entire movie. Kamal's role in this movie is very small. Mohan Lal's role is also very small. The new entrants Ganesh Venkatram and one more police officer have good roles in the movie. I think they also acted very well. They didn't appear to be 'junior' actors on the screen.

This is a very short movie (just 2 hours). Kuddos to the screen play writer. The movie retains its pace till the end. The story moves very fast. People would've guessed towards the end 'What Kamal was trying to do'. So, the last 30 minutes were a bit 'dragging'. There are no songs (or the theatre in which I watched the movie, stripped off all the songs). I didn't miss the songs, anyway. Also, there is no comedy track.

I believe this is a very low budget movie. May be, they would've spent the most money for paying, Kamal & Mohan Lal. Any ticket that you buy for more than Rs.50/- is not worth it. I would in fact, recommend watching the movie in a DVD. Coincidentally, this is the first movie that my daughter watched in a theatre.

Is it a good movie? Yes! Is it an 'entertainer'? Definitely NOT!

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  1. Humm .. my Dad and I watched "Wednesday" ( Oridinal Hindi version ) We both liked the original much better .


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