Thursday, October 1, 2009

100th blog - first milestone

 It is approximately 2 years since I launched this blog. It started out as a diary ... but today, it has much more valuable information. On an average, I spend about 30 minutes to write a blog (concept -> writing -> formatting -> posting). I've spent nearly 2 full days of my life (50 hours) developing these 100 blog posts. I'm happy that I got an opportunity to explore & learn a lot of things, along the way. Blogging has become a habit, these days. I enjoy the process of assimilating my thoughts and presenting them in a short blog. My most happiest moments of blogging are when I hear from folks that "they find some of these posts, very useful".

I've tried to cover a diverse set of topics - ranging from my US travel experiences, to Stock trading strategies to R2I/Post R2I life experiences. There is growing interest in the community for the R2I blogs. Thanks to Google Analytics - I can keep track of what people like & what people don't like.
You get instant (actually not instant, but in a week or so) feedback.

Blogging is definitely fun. If you have spare time, I would definitely encourage you to start blogging. Google has made it very simple for enthusiasts to kick start a blog. It takes only minutes to launch your blog. Blogging helps you to polish your writing skills. You'll feel good when you look at some of your old blog entries.

I've enjoyed the ride so far. I'm hoping that my life will be filled with interesting things, that I can cherish and share with others. I'm continuing my blogging journey. See you at the next milestone. Until then, have fun reading my blogs. Don't forget to leave your comments. I definitely value them.

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  1. Hi Saro,
    Your posts are very interesting and informative. You write to the point, but covers all the major points. R2I related posts and US travel blogs are the ones that interested me most. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience.


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