Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bye Bye USA ...

29th April 2009

Well, the time has come for me to say "Bye Bye". It is Apr 29th, 2009 - the day of my return to India. I was dreaming about this day for the last 6 years. My countdown for this day started 3 months, back. "Are you happy or sad? Do you feel excited or worried? Are you sure, Saro? Do you want to leave USA?". My friends were curious. My response was simple... "Yes, I want to go back. I'm determined & very excited !!".

The last 3 months brought-in significant changes in my lifestyle. Hope they are just exceptions and not the norm :) I gained 5 pounds in the last 3 months. Thanks to the send-off parties. I'm going to disappoint my wife who has been thinking that I'll lose weight, because of her absence. I'm working hard these days - trying to complete my deliverables at RBAK & trying to pickup the basics of the future job @ Nokeena. I couldn't keep up with my regular morning walks, book reading, temple visits etc., We vacated our house and I moved to my brother's place in March. These days, I spend very little time with my pillow & comforters. They hate me much.

I'm eagerly looking forward to meet my wife/daughter. I miss my daughter much more than I miss my wife (Hope my wife doesn't read this blog :)). I call them every day. I've become Reliance India's preferred customer.

My last day in Redback was 24th Apr. In the next few days, I closed my 401K account/credit cards/insurance, changed my bank account, etc., I did some limited shopping and packed my stuff.

Finally, it is the D-day - Apr 29th, 2009. I don't feel the same way ... like what I felt when leaving India, 6 years back. I realize that I haven't created an emotional attachment with the country. I'm sad to leave my U.S friends, but glad that I'm going to meet some of my old friends in India. In retrospect, I feel that I made a wise decision coming to US. I gained a lot of exposure. Today, I feel that I made a wise decision to go back.

Thank you USA for all that you gave me... I'll never forget that ... See you ... Bye Bye ...

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