Saturday, February 12, 2011

A visit to Children's Park & Snake Park in Guindy, Chennai

If you have kids at home and want to keep them occupied for half a day, you should consider visiting Children's Park & Snake Park in Guindy, Chennai. We visited Guindy National Park last week and had a great time there.

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Guindy National Park consists of Children's Park and the Snake Park. There was a time when Children's park used to be filled with a variety of animals. However, today it looks almost deserted. There are only a few animals in the park, such as monkeys, turtles, crocodiles, peacock, and deers. Though the park was running short of faunas, it is rich with flora. The whole area looked like a dense forest. The trunk of the trees have grown large - indicating that they're there for several hundreds of years. There were a couple of banyan trees also in the park.

One thing worth mentioning is the play structures in the park. The park had a good collection of play structures for kids. The play area was filled with joy, vibrancy and noise. It was nice to watch the kids playing with full enthusiasm.

We then went to the Snake Park which was nearby. The Snake Park is maintained very well. It had a good collection of pythons, cobras, and a variety of other snakes. The park has a collection of snakes that live in land, and also the ones that live in water. In addition, the park had crocodiles and turtles. My daughter enjoyed watching them all. The locality was maintained very well - neat and clean. We were lucky enough to see the live show of snake (at around 3 pm).

The Guindy National Park is open between 9.00 am to 5.30 on all days (except Tuesdays). One of the things that has improved in public/recreational facilities in Chennai is the restroom and water facilities. Guindy National Park isn't an exception.

Guindy National Park has enough parking facility for cars, two-wheelers and even tourist buses. In fact, the touristers who come to Guindy to visit other nearby attractions such as Gandhi Mandapam, Kamaraj Mandapam, and Rajai Memorial also park their vehicles near Guindy National Park. These attractions are at a walkable distance from Guindy National Park. You can spot a few deers roaming near the parking lot and chasing people for food.

My daughter enjoyed the visit to Guindy National Park, more than us.

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  1. Saro,
    your article made me nostalgic.
    I visited snake park at least twice during my IITM days. It was good.
    Only difference is I visited with relatives at that time, and now should try again with family.
    ~ Siva

  2. You should definitely visit it with family, next time :)


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