Saturday, December 4, 2010

Raw Vegetarian Diet - Experiment scaled down

I started experimenting "raw vegetarian diet", a few months ago. I liked the idea of eating uncooked vegetables and they really tasted good. However, I couldn't sustain my experiment for more than couple of months. There were several challenges that I faced during the experiment:

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  • Vegetables that we get in the market/shop aren't "fresh" most of the times
  • It takes lot of time to eat raw vegetables
  • It also takes a lot of time for us to "digest" raw vegetables
  • Raw vegetables generate lot of gas and stomach is always 'heavy'
  • The craving for 'cooked' food is hard to control :-)
To add to all the above issues, I faced a severe indigestion problem for a few days and I decided to scale down my experiment significantly. Instead of trying to become a 100% raw vegetarian, I started to include more raw vegetables/fruits in my diet. Now, I'm getting the best of both the worlds - cooked as well as raw food. For the last several months, I'm able to sustain this diet model without any issues.

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