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Questions asked during KG Interview in Chennai Schools

We attended interviews in 3 different schools in Chennai for my daughter's KG admission - Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Chennai Public School, and Sherwood Hall. The KG interview pattern/questions seem to be more or less similar, in all the 3 schools. Your kid should be prepared to answer the questions / do the assignments without your help. In Chennai Public School, the kid was interviewed separately without the parents around. You can get a distant view of what is going on. I've compiled the list of questions asked during the KG interview here. Hope this helps you.

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Questions/Assignments for kid during KG interview

1) What is your name?
2) Which school are you going to?
3) Which class are you studying?
4) Who are all staying with you at home?
5) Who drops/picks you up from school?
6) How did you come to the interview, today? (mode of commute)
7) An assignment to color something with crayons (flower, fruit or vegetable)
8) An assignment to identify the object (animal, fruit, or vegetable)
9) An assignment to test your kid's reflex / physical ability (by asking the kid to throw a ball, asking the kid to pick a ball, asking the kid to run/jump etc.,)

Standard questions like "Where do you work", "What is your pay" etc., will be filled in the application form itself. So, the parents should be prepared for the following kind of questions.

Questions for Parents during KG interview

1) Why do you want to admit your kid in this school?
2) What would you like the kid to be?
3) What are the skills that you want your kid to pick up?
4) What are some of the things that your kid likes to do?
5) How many hours do you spend with the kid each day?
6) Who helps the kids with the school assignments?
7) What are the extra curricular activities that you would like your kid to participate in?
8) Who will drop/pickup your kid from the school? Would you need school van service?
9) If you R2I'ed, why did you R2I? Do you have plans of going back to US?

If the school is expecting a donation (also called as "school development fund"), you'll also be informed about that during the interview.

Things have changed very much in the last 10 or 15 years. There were times when the admission process was very simple. The parents have to just meet the school Principal and pay the fees. Now, every school is trying to pick the 'best' kid(s) through interviews. I pity these innocent little kids. They have to start competing with each other for a limited number of seats in a good school. It adds unnecessary pressure and frustration to the parents. There are lots of parents who are ready to do 'whatever it takes' to get admission into a good school, which results in increased cost of education.

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