Saturday, September 26, 2009


IRCTC - Indian Railway Catering & Tourism Corporation

In the last few years, Indian Railways has made great strides in improving the booking & travel experience of passengers. There are so many trains with improved service and faster travel time. My favorite of all the things from Indian Railways, is the online booking facility. I can book my train tickets at the click of my mouse. I don't have to go to the nearest booking center; I don't have to stand in long queues; I don't have to keep calling the railways to find the current status of my tickets; I don't have to have cash with me to book tickets. IRCTC.CO.IN has relieved us from all those sufferings. Ofcourse, IRCTC.CO.IN does have some shortcomings (web site is very slow, web site doesn't respond back at times, money once debited due to network issues/invalid transactions are returned to you only after 3 business days, web user interface is not very intuitive, etc.,). But, can I live with these problems? Yes, I surely can. I use IRCTC.CO.IN for all my travel reservations. They also have additional services such as providing tour packages, hotel reservations etc., I haven't had a chance to try them out, yet. But, I soon will.

I love IRCTC.CO.IN. Good job folks.

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  1. I used the site during my last visit to india to book tickets to travel within india and was amazed at the ease of booking. As you said, there are a few shortcomings but definitely can live with them.When you can book tickets at the click of a mouse at home instead of standing in serpentine queues is a big time saver in India.

    Nice job posting this on your blog!!


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