Monday, August 10, 2009

Thinking of Homeopathy treatment - Check this out

What did I learn this weekend? Well, there are hospitals that are ready to milk you like a cow. Don't become a prey. I want to share with you my experience at Dr. Batra's Homeopathy Clinic in Kilpauk, Chennai.

In the last 7 months since my wife landed in India, she has had stomach pain/upset
4 or 5 times. A visit to a local physician solves the problem most of the times. The doctors suspected that she may have excess acidity and suggested to do an endoscopy test. My wife was scared to take an endoscopy test. So, she wanted to take homeopathy treatment. After some googling, I took my wife to Dr. Batra's homeopathy clinic in Kilpauk, Chennai. It was a descent clinic. The reception had two young men in full formals (including tie, nicely polished shoes etc.,) buried into their computers. The whole hospital was airconditioned and it was chill like an early morning in Ooty. We were given an application form. There was something that said "Type of plan" and I asked "What that means". The receptionist said, the doctor will suggest it and we don't have to worry about it now. We filled the form and waited for some time.

We were then called to see the doctor. We knocked the door and entered the doctor's office. The doctor was a charming young female in her late 20s. She asked a series of questions methodologically to diagonise the problem. I think she was trying to relate the symptoms to a 'common problem/disease'. But, she couldn't do that successfully. We told her that the doctors we visited suspected that it could be due to acidity. She said, "I'll put you on a 1 year 'plan'. I'll suggest some medication and see how your body reacts to it. If there are improvements, we can continue the course or else I'll suggest additional tests & appropriate medicine". She asked us to go and meet the receptionist. We went to the lobby and met the receptionist.

The receptionist asked us to pay Rs.8600 for a one year plan. My eyeballs popped out. It works out to be ~ Rs.720 for every visit. He wanted me to pay the whole Rs.8600 in advance. I just pinched myself to find out if this is dream or real. I told him that I don't have enough cash right now. He said "Sir! You can pay by Credit Card also. You can also give us 3 cheques, 2 of them post dated". I told him I don't have Credit Card or cheque with me right now. He said, "Sir! I can send someone to your home with you. You can give the money to him". In frustration, I told him "Look! I've reservations in paying the full amount right away. I'm OK with paying Rs.720 every visit. But, I don't want to pay the full amount now". I told him that I'll come back after checking with other homeopathy clinics.

It was an interesting experience. This is the first of its kind, to me. I have heard people saying that hospitals care more about the money than the patients. But, this weekend I saw it happening in front of my eyes. I should've done proper background checks before visiting this kind of hospital. May be they provide outstanding treatment to their patients - but, this hospital is not for me/my family.

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  1. If I remember right Pan used to go this place for hair treatment.

  2. Homeopathy treatment is a better option whihout any side effects when compared to Allopathy. You could try out Madhans homeo clinic in adambakkam. There is no consultation charges and the cost of medicines is mostly between Rs.250-500.

    As far my experience, the doctor is very service minded and has cured many illness in our family like cervical spondylosis, gynaecological problems, flu, diabetes etc and I dont remember going for the second dosage of medicines. The medicines are even kid friendly. Try fixing an appointment before going as it is always over crowded.


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