Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The need for more money never ends

Years ago, we were small kids. Our needs were very simple. All that we had wanted is something to eat and something to play with. Our parents did a good job of taking care of all our needs. Occasionally, we used to get some pocket money. Even 5 Rupees is a lot. But, we always liked things that cannot be bought with just 5 Rupees. At times, we do some household work to get more pocket money to quench our desires.

Time went on ... we grew up, and did our schooling. Our pocket money grew with us to 50 Rupees. But, our needs continued to outgrow the money that we had. We then went to college. Our parents started giving Rs.500 as pocket money. Our needs didn't give up the race. They continued to outgrow the money that we had. Even things like a simple college tour costs a few thousand Rupees and we had to borrow money from our friends. We used to think "When I get a job and start to work, I'll earn a handful and I should be able to enjoy all that I'm missing today".

Time went on ... we completed your college studies and landed in a job. We started earning lots of money. Now we think, "Oh! I cannot be using this public transportation. It is always crowded and doesn't come on time. I definitely need a 2 wheeler". Our monthly salary isn't enough to buy a 2 wheeler. So, we apply for a loan to buy the 2 wheeler.

Time went on ... we got married and had kids. Our needs started exploding all of a sudden. We want to buy a car now, to travel with the family. We want to buy a home now, to live comfortably. But, our salary isn't enough to buy all of those. We apply for loans to meet our new desires.

Life goes on... but, our needs never end. Irrespective of whatever lump sum that we earn, we always get into debt. We may think, "Well! My boss or my company CEO should have lots of money. He shouldn't be having the money problems that I have". But, the reality is "They're also in debt. Their debt will be bigger than yours - proportionate to what they earn".

Everyone is on a leaking boat like yours. The moment you fix one hole, the other one pops out. We end up spending most of the time in our life, fixing those leaks. One fine day, our journey will end and we have to step out of the leaking boat. Until then, OUR NEEDS NEVER END and so is the NEED FOR MORE MONEY.

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  1. In a way ... This is the root cause of the global financial mess ... don't you think ;-) ?


  2. It really makes me think ... the concept of "live within your means" ... that our dads and grand -dads taught us - is that even possible in todays world ?

    Krishna. ... again ;-)

  3. Yes, It is still possible in today's world also :)


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