Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Swine Flu - Spreading fast?

Is this 'Swine Flu' week in India? The first page of daily news papers is filled with news about 'swine flu'. It is so pathetic to see people of different ages die just within a week of diagnosis. Chennai witnessed its first swine flue death yesterday. Many schools announced holiday, today. The virus can spread fast in India and consume lots of lives. First of all, the concentration of people is very high. Crowded schools, buses, trains, and hospitals. It is easy for the virus to jump from one person to another. Secondly, our medical support system is very weak. By the time a person is diagnosed to be A(H1N1) positive, his/her condition becomes very critical. They are then moved to Government Hospital or another hospital for treatment, where they eventually die. I see the same pattern in all the swine-flu deaths. Government has stepped up its measures and trying to be very aggressive. Hopefully, this will improve the prevailing situation and prevent the 'swine flu' deaths.

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