Saturday, August 22, 2009

NO NO Samy - Kandasamy

[Kandasamy movie review]

It is nearly 2 years since I went to a theatre to watch a movie. The last movie that I saw in theatre was Sivaji (2007). An office friend was selling Kandasamy movie tickets for a fund raiser (Aruwe, Social Welfare Organization). The show timing was 8:30 am, saturday morning. I thought 8.30 am is very early to watch a movie - but then, I decided to try it. I was surprised when I visited the theatre (Abirami Multiplex) at around 8.15 am. It was fully crowded with girls & boys (mostly IT folks, I guess). We had great expectations when entering the theatre.

I liked the concept. But, the screenplay writer didn't do a good job. I think they tried to convey 'too much' in 3 hours. Pieces of the movie was well done & I admire the super-hero costume of Kandasamy. The intro sequence didn't create the 'punch'. By the time the intro is over, audience should be curiously expecting what is going to happen. But, the stage setting wasn't done very well.

Vikram has really done well in the movie & this movie will help him to maintain his brand. He has proved again that he can trim his body to fit the role. He looks very smart.

Shreya wasn't utilized properly in the movie. Her costumes are catchy. But, such costumes will only be good for photos & not for movies. The choice for Shreya's background voice also wasn't very good.

This movie doesn't require a separate comedy piece. However, they tried to insert the comedy track with Vadivelu. It didn't make the mark.

I liked all the songs before going to the movie. In fact, I liked the teasers of song sequence from Youtube. But, none of the songs in the movie 'fit the flow'. I was eagerly waiting when the songs would end.

There was a 30 minutes segment in Mexico. That could've been avoided. It was dragging the movie as well as it was a bit confusing.

In movies like this, the director should create a feeling of 'connection' in the audience. But, from beginning to end audience couldn't relate themselves to the storyline. One thing that stands out very well, is the amount of money that they spent for the movie. I know the crew would've put in a lot of hard work too. But, they failed to think from an audience' point. They've tried to do their best by keeping the sequences very realistic. However, that doesn't add much value.

I personally felt that it is a waste of my 4 hours watching this movie (3 hrs movie + 1 hr commute/wait).

Overall, I would say NO NO to Kandasamy. Sorry Vikram !! Good luck next time.

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  1. thalaiva..

    ungalukkulla, eppadi oru US top executives skill ya? :).. appreciate it... I read through all of ur comments and thought, these things are normal in tamil cinema despite your last comments "NO NO samy".. Manager's rangekku oru appraisal mail mathuri euthiringa... ;)... simplya sonna... "padam, sema mokkai... "...


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