Thursday, July 30, 2009

I'm not worried about India's growth

My day starts when the birds start to chirp and when sun pulls-off its covers. Everyday morning, when the clock strikes 8, I leave my home to work. I couldn't resist making observations on what goes around me. The whole city gets fired up very early in the morning - the lady who knits flowers and sells them on the sides of the street; autorickshaw drivers eagerly waiting for customers; man who irons dresses on his road-side cart; hotel wallas preparing bajjis and rotis infront of their hotel; mobile eateries circled by loads of low-income people; people who walk/bike/drive to work carrying their tiffn boxes; government workers cleaning up the streets and loading piles of trash into vehicles; share-autos squeezing people like honey comb; college/school students waiting for their private buses; bus stops filled with regular commuters; and private vans loading tons of school kids. Boy... what a pleasure to watch all these. I'm so glad that people are working hard. I could clearly see that people are spending a lot too. The wheels of the economy spins around because of all these people. Every hand in the country gives a little push to this giant wheel. No wonder why India's GDP is growing strong and steady. I'm so happy that people don't hesitate to learn new things and work hard. People don't expect the government to come and help them. People solve their own problems.

With this people's force at play, nobody can stop the growth of India.

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