Tuesday, June 2, 2009

11/45 - The rarest size

What happened to Chennai? What happened to all those tall folks with long feet? I suddenly felt singled out. I couldn't believe that I'm abnormally tall.

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I wanted to buy a pair of 'formal' shoes (My old pair retired after 4 years of service). I used to wear Lee Cooper in the past, when I was in Chennai. So, I decided to buy my favorite Lee Cooper model. I started my search at Khal's foot world in Nelson Manickam road. They told that they don't have size 11/45. They called a few other branches and confirmed that they couldn't find the size + model combo, there as well. They were trying to convince me to buy size 10/44. I told them a big NO.

I then went to Spencers Plaza. I visited a few showrooms there and none of them had size 11 (everyone had size 10 and below). I was disappointed very much. I visited a few shops in T. Nagar, but in vain. I couldn't find my favorite model & size 11/45. I then went to the Bata Showroom in NM road & asked them regarding the availability of formal leather shoes of size 11. They didn't have any. I then went to Anna Nagar Woodlands showroom and bought a pair of shoes (semi-formal) for INR 27xx. This is the costliest of all my shoes. I didn't like the model much - but I don't have much choice.

It took me the whole Saturday evening to find a pair of shoes of size 11/45. I used to buy them when I was in India 6 years back. Something has happened in the last few years and it appears to be strange. Anyways, good luck guys who want to buy shoes of size 11/45.

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  1. Hay did u try the shop near chola sheraton. I forgot the shop name. But they have all brands and all sizes. I bought a 11 size shoe from lifestyle last winter. Check out there too.


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