Thursday, January 22, 2009

Can we really make money in stocks?

Can we really make money in stocks? The answer is YES. At least, thats what the whole world believes. Otherwise, there won't be so much fuzz about stocks and stock market. If you haven't really made any money in stocks, there could be only one reason for that - "You haven't fully understood the stock market and its dynamics".

Have you always felt that you are in the wrong side of the COIN - when you bet that the market will go up, the market really goes down; when you bet that the market will come down, the market really goes up. Well, you aren't alone. Many of the investors feel the same way. But, don't feel dejected. Stock market doesn't always go in one direction. Whatever goes DOWN, comes UP and whatever goes UP comes DOWN. You have to just identify them before the rest of the market identifies it :)

If you make smart decisions and show lots of discipline, you'll definitely make lots of money in the long run.

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