Sunday, May 4, 2008

Portland-Seattle-Vancouver Trip (Day 4 - Seattle, WA)


The 4th day of our Oregon-Seattle-Vancouver trip was spent in Seattle. We vacated our hotel in Kent and went to Seattle Downtown. We walked around the downtown and saw Qwest field, Smith Towers, and the totems in Pioneer Square. We took some snaps and went to "Ride the Ducks". Riding the ducks was a marvelous experience. We boarded a small truck full of passengers (about 30 of them). The duck (truck) took us around the Seattle city and plunged into Lake Union. The driver/captain of the duck kept us occupied by cracking jokes.

We spent more time walking around the Space Needle (which was close to the Ride the Duck office). We wanted to see the Fremont troll but couldn't find it. We then headed back to Oregon to board the flight at 9.00 pm.

We enjoyed our Oregon-Seattle-Vancouver trip and if you are planning for one, you can use the details in my Trip Planner.

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