Thursday, August 2, 2007

How do you improve your communication skills?

Having learned about the need for communication skills, you may now ask - "How do I hone my communication skills?". There are several things you can do to improve your communication skills. It is never too late, but it is wise to start early. I've listed below some suggestions for you to improve your communication skills:

1) Read 'rich' books or news papers - I am not asking you to read 'costly' books. Read books/papers/magazines that are rich in the usage of grammar and English language. Make it a habit. You should read for atleast an hour a day.

2) Participate in group discussions - You can take a topic like "What do you think about global warming?" and start debating about it. Involve your friends and co-students. During group discussions, listening to others and giving others a chance to talk is equally important.

3) Join Toastmasters - is a non-profit organization that helps people to improve their communication and leadership skills. There are several clubs throughout India/World. Look at the website to find a club that is near to your home. In about a year or so, you'll feel the difference.

4) Converse in English to the extent possible - Talk to your friends & family members in English whenever you get a chance. Tell them that you are trying to improve your communication skills - they'll understand and be supportive.

5) Watch English TV channels - Watching English News channels is a way to understand how some of the words can be uttered and what is the best way to communicate information. (Note: Don't spend hours and hours in front of TV. It is not good for your health and definitely not a good use of your precious time)

6) Listen to English recordings - You can download lots of English speeches and conversations from Internet and listen to them. Software such as iTunes makes it easy for you to search and download free content from Internet. There are several English podcasts that can be downloaded from iTunes.

7) Conduct seminars/presentations - Whenever you get a chance, read about something and share your knowledge with your friends. This will help you to improve your presentation skills.

There may be other ways to improve your communication skills. Talk to your college seniors, friends and relatives. They'll also be able to help you out. Improving your communication requires lots of time and practise. But, if you focus on it and give your best you'll become a good communicator, soon.

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