Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Conflicts with co-workers? You are not alone ...

Do you have tough co-workers? Do you often run into conflicts with them? You are not alone. There is tough people everywhere. So, how do you handle tough people at work? Some tips to handle tough folks:

1) Do not 'fight' with them over emails. They won't stop. So, you are the one who has to STOP.

2) Talk to them in person & try to understand their perspective. See if you can influence them with your view points.

3) Often, you may not be able to convince tough folks. If you still feel that it is going to hurt the product/project, you have to escalate that to your boss.

4) Do not send emails to escalate 'people' related issues. Just go & talk to the concerned folks in person. You never know who the email would get forwarded to. It is better to be safe than sorry.

5) Try to develop some rapport with tough people - take regular coffee breaks with them, go out for a short walk with them, go out for lunch w/ them, share some weekend experiences with them. You don't have to develop friendship with them. But, don't be their enemy :)

6) Do not quarrel with tough folks IN-PERSON. Always, mind your words. After all, we are professionals.

7) Ignore tough people, if that will not affect the product/project

8) Don't try to 'back-stab' tough people. It is not in the best interest of you or them or the company

9) Don't complain about tough people to 'arbitrary' folks. Words travel fast.

10) Be assertive when talking to tough people - but don't be arrogant. Also, don't behave like you are trying to be 'submissive'.

11) People are tough when they think they are 'responsible' or if they feel that you are competing with them (or) if they are very 'attached' to something (or) if they are 'self-centered' (or) if they want to get 'recognized'. Try to understand why they are 'tough'. It will help you to handle the problem, better.

Dealing with tough people is often very difficult. All you need to do is be conscious about it. If you have adequate patience, you'll master the art soon.

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